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While going through my daily consumption of news on internet, I read two articles. One was an interview of Mr. John Makinson, Penguin books and other a column Reimagining India and China: why the giants don’t mix by Siddharth Singh at
The interview was about the growing market of digital books and the column was about the book authored by Mr. Pranab Bradhan.

This makes me wonder have we been so engrossed in “net surfing” that we have almost forgotten to read physical newspapers or books, hereinafter referred to as books. I am personally of the opinion that the spark between a reader and physical books has somewhat reduced. I have lost the interest in reading the books and am more curious about finding something online. Though, I would buy few books occasionally, but the interest in having a book and reading is no longer there.

One reason for this is may be the kind of job I am doing. By profession I am Patent Analyst and it requires surfing the net for loads of information. I get to read the free previews, newspapers and everything online. And if I am interested, I may go and buy a book. While travelling also, I would prefer a net book over one or two books. Net book gives me facility to remain connected with others, read live newspapers, write in thoughts, share opinions and most importantly read. Read anything and everything. If on browsing and reading some reviews I get enticed I will get the book.

Plainly speaking e-readers like the “iPad” will surely excite the avid readers who are frequently travelling or are always “on the go”. This little device will give the freedom to browse books and download them instantly. But my personal favorite is the net book. It just gives me everything.

—-Now in 2015…I only like to buy books and read from them. No longer want to read from an online device. Don’t know why I lost interest in them but definitely know why I like reading from books. 🙂 If interested, check out my blog titled Effects of Reading  and Bookstore. Happy Reading, whichever way you find most convenient.

Interesting links to follow:–Publishing-in.html
interview of Mr. John Makinson, Penguin books
column Reimagining India and China: why the giants don’t mix by Siddharth Singh

P.S. An opinion on book, Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India (Princeton University Press, 2010), by Pranab Bardhan , very soon


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