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All my colleagues have left for the day. I am waiting for my brother to pick me up. A lot of thoughts are coming to my mind. Lost life, forgotten friends, messed up reports, frustrated users (of a new system implemented in our company), busy friends, anxious family, uncertain future, undecided subject for pursuing masters and so on.

For the past one and half month, I have been very busy in smooth implementation of the new system in our company. During the entire day I am in office, I don’t get any of these thoughts. Frankly, I don’t have time to think about anything else apart from the “issues” of the “reluctant” users. But today, everything was just like the same as it used to be, before one and half months.

The decisions taken in present decide the future. Every decision taken, constantly changes the future. Once changed, the future cant be altered. Another decision has to be taken to undo the consequences of the previous decision. At this very moment, I am thinking of all those decisions I have taken and comparing them with my present. All of them point to one painful truth that is the messed up present.

It doesn’t make a sense and is not worth putting an effort in probing the past, the decisions that have been taken. But what matters are the decisions, still to be made in this present, to steer the course of my life towards my destination. Yet here I am, at this very moment, standing between crossroads and still trying to make a decision.


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