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Blown out pf Proportion

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I have taken an interest in listening to Arnab, the news anchor and moderator at Times Now news channel. He hosts the show “The News Hour”. I am mesmerized by his way of talking (I understand that this is not the appropriate word. I will find one soon). But this blog is not about Arnab, though I will soon write about him.

The SRK row has been “blown out of proportion” by Shiv Sena and Congress let it happen. It is just about politics. SRK and his film have just become a scapegoat for all this. The Shiv Sena has won in its own right. This row has brought the otherwise ignored Shiv Sena into limelight once again.

SRK has only stated his opinion about Pakistani players not being auctioned in IPL. The Home Minister has voiced his concerns. The IPL chief stated his view point. But neither of them evoked any controversy. But the Shiv Sena only reacted to what SRK has said; ignoring the fact he owns a team that bids for players in the IPL. Nothing but mere “publicity gimmick” explains this act of Shiv Sena.

The Congress government has failed to maintain the much talked “law and order” in the state. Mr. Ashok chawan, CM of Maharastra, says he has assured the multiplexes about security. The state police have taken into custody 1600+ people. Yet, the multiplex owners halted advance bookings and refused from screening the movie. This shows the lack of faith in the “assurance” given by CM himself. The police and CM knew that their last act at last minute is not going to earn a round of accolades for them. The CM should have nipped this row in the bud but failed to act on time.

The Congress government has put up a very disappointing act. Has this issue been dealt in a strict way, this would have been a great opportunity to Congress to win many people. Actions speak mightier than words. Hope the Congress understands this now.


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