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Here, I am writing my first blog (Sun 7-Feb, uploading it very late).. I have not yet decided on any title for my “columns” but I am assuring myself that I will find one soon…

Today was my first hang out in the evening after a long and tiring, two weeks of hard work at office…and I enjoyed this hang out the most for the first time…i had no other thoughts other than just enjoying the flowing moments. Observing people enjoying their moments…listening to the person accompanying me…and more importantly not weaving dreams while still awake..It is the first time I have felt like this…

Nowadays I’m feeling a little change in me…like a crawling snake..I just go out and enjoy the time by whatever I want to do…i feel like having lunch at Café Coffee Day or at a road side dhabha..And I go and have it…just enjoying the moments…but yes having lunch at Cafe Coffee Day near my office is much more enjoyable than anything else…two sandwich for main course, a piece of chocolate cake for desert and a hot coffee…its juss divine…i have found a new love in coffee…

I have bought my first car…I just love spending time with my car…but I am not able to give him a lot of time…so driven by guilt I spend the first part of my day with him…here I must admit that I don’t know how to drive…but my sweetheart gives me an extreme pleasure…in the cool morning just me and my sweetheart…and my brother…scolding me like anything…common I am still a novice…and I am still a learner…but neverthess, I enjoy the time…being with my sweetheart…

So here, I conclude my first blog with a just few lines…

Aane wala pal jaane wala hai..ho sake to inme zindagi bana lo…pal jo ye jane wala hai..


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